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        1. Founded in January 2012, Stars Youth Development Center ( hereafter “STARS”) is a non-profit organization to promote reading among children in rural areas. STARS is registered in Haizhu Bureau of Civil Affairs of Guangzhou and it has been rated as  4A Community Organization  in March 2018.

          STARS’ mission is to improve reading quality for children in rural areas. To better fulfill our mission, STARS has developed our own approach to promote children reading based on the Reading Circle theory of Aidan Chambers as well as its experience of program implementation.

          STARS forms alliances with teachers  and local government in order to deliver our  mission. The STARS Library is one of our key projects. STARS cooperates with participating schools in the alliances to build libraries under STARS 'standards and our sponsor's donation. Complementing to STARS Library, STARS also helps to arrange a series of activities  and events on campus as well as  providing reading promotion course to teachers . All to establish an reading environment and provide sufficient resources in place for ongoing activities and advocacy for reading in participating schools.

          Through out these effort, STARS aspires to enable children to become thoughtful, willing readers, who enjoy reading.