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        1. Primary School Library is a cooperation project with local primary schools within the reading alliance who has strong willingness and capacity for a own library.  STARS equipped the library with book shelves, desks and chairs that fit for local primary schools. Our goal is to provide various and children-friendly books for children and to cultivate a children-friendly reading environment. A By using Readora information system,  students are able to be a librarian’s assistant after taking short trainings. And teachers could run the STARS Primary school Library easily. 

          Program Call-outs:

          1. Standardization for library set-up: On-line Application → On-site interview → Committee Assessment → Project Implementation → Operational Evaluation → Library Upgrade → Passed over for self-operation.

          2. Three years' project : which includes annual on-site visit, consultation and  library upgrade. These aim to ensure library operation meets the self- operation standards before the fully passed-over to local school after the 3-year-project ends.

          3. Enabling and encouraging both teachers and students' participation

          4. Wide range collection of books that cover picture books, Chinese and International literature, Natural Science, Social Sciences and other topics

          5. STAR Library information system to support the library operation and ease any management burden to participating schools