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        1. The Bookcase Drifting Project aims to support schools that lack of resource to manage a library. The Bookcase Drifting Project enable more students to get the quality reading resources by borrowing and circulating bookcases even without a library.

          Bookcases contain a great selection of picture books and children literature from China or foreign countries. The Bookcase improves the utilization of books and provides reading resource to children in areas that lack of reading resource. It also supports teachers who is willing to promote reading while without resources.

          Program Call-outs:

          1. Book selection base on student’s needs 

          2. 30 books in one bookcase for each one students in one class  

          3. Complementary classes come with the bookcase 

          4. Convenience with full bookcase borrowed and returned

          5. Easy operation by mobile app

          Sharing Bookcases: contain 54 kinds of selected books on list. Each bookcase contains 30 same copies books and teachers could borrow one or two sharing bookcases based on actual needs to hold a reading lesson.

          Theme Bookcase: Each bookcase contains 30 different books with same theme. There are 32 popular themes of books as to meet  the needs of extensive reading. STARS provides grading guidance of each theme for easy reference. Special theme regarding reading guidance  and on class coordination for teachers is also included.