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        1. Introduction

          Teacher training and development is a decisive step in further improving reading quality in rural areas. Since 2012, STARS's library project has successfully raised the awareness and understanding of the importance of reading among teachers and librarians, local schools and communities. Further training and support is needed in how to provide reading and learning instructions, how to design and deliver library programs and activities, how to support teaching and learning within the teaching goals of the school, and etc. STARS thus began to deliver the Teacher Development Project in response to the growing needs in these areas.

          Components of the Project

          The Teacher development project is critical to the Reading Circle. The project aims to provide teachers with systematic training and support. The project helps to develop talents in front line that can lead and advocate for reading so that resource and events can be fully utilized.

          Activities in Teacher Development project include: online and offline training courses, online book clubs, exchange program and seminars.