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        1. The Book-sharing project collects second-hand books from urban areas as well as runs fundraising for primary schools in rural areas. The project involves public libraries, corporate, schools, local community and media in order to encourage families in urban areas to donate quality books lying idle to rural schools which lack of books. This project  helps to balance and maximize the value of reading reources.

          Requirement of donation books:

          Books for children of 5-12 years olds:

              (1) Extracurricular books

              (2) at least 80% new

             (3) In good condition. no more than 5 large doodles, no more than 10 pages with small doodles, pages cannot be loose or disconnected, with front and back cover 

          Recommended types of donation books : picture books, fairy tales, fables, comics, children literature, classic literature, biography, encyclopedia and tool books

          Not acceptable book donation: textbooks, teaching reference books, newspaper, magazine, books in bad conditions or inappropriate books for children and teenagers. 

          Project Call-outs:

          1. Standardized process including book picking, packaging and posting

          2. Enabling broader participants

          3. A dedicated website to allow users sign up easily

          4. Driven by the needs of locals

          5. Assurance of goodreads