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        1. Readora is a technology system that specialises in promoting children reading. It aims to build an ecosystem of services for children reading based on Internet + Charity. It provides a library management system for borrowing and returning books, Bookcase services, teaching resources for teachers and other community services related to reading. It has established a strong value chain from students initiated to borrow books, promoting reading classes, guidance and resource for teaching reading. The system enables online service and operation monitoring, which helps schools and teachers to improve reading classes for children in rural areas. 

          Readora information system contains library management system, bookcase management system, online teacher community  and Book-sharing project donation platform. By the power of technology, Readora information system enables the execution efficiency of  the related public welfare projects. 

          STAR Library information system

          STAR Library information system is Cloud service that provides functionality for library operations, data storage, analytics and insights. It suits for organizations and their affiliates that manage multiple libraries.

          The Bookcase Drifting System

          It’s usually not practical for schools that lack of resourcing including teachers to run library on campus. Therefore, donating and helping build a library may not the best option for this type of schools. The Bookcase Drifting Project motivates both teachers and students to read via borrowing and circulating bookcases. Teachers can apply for borrowing bookcase online and collect bookcases by themselves or ask to send to their campus after approval. The online shared borrowing model increase the usage of books and allow students in more schools to have access to books. It also provides teachers that want to promote reading with appropriate resource.

          The Book-sharing system

          The Book-sharing project aims to share love via sharing books. The project collects second-hand books from urban areas as well as runs fundraising for primary schools in rural areas. Any donation of cash or books will be gathered and sent to schools in rural areas across China. The project encourages organisations, corporates, schools and bookshops etc. to join and donate as a group with their staff. The Project can come on site to collect donations and send to schools in rural areas.

          Teacher Reading Online Community

          Teacher Reading Online Community is a online platform for teacher to share experience and knowledge and initiate events. The platform also provide downloads of supporting material for reading classes, online reading courses, book clubs, online reading and sharing, online application for participation on reading events and application for library establishment. It aims to support teachers in rural areas with abundant reading resource.